Light Language Cards Channeling Class

Connect with the cards by channeling

Light Language Card Channeling class

This class is for those who want to learn how to channel through Light Language Cards.
Learn more advanced reading than intuition reading. Connect with your own heart, cosmic beings, ancient civilizations, and more.
This class is designed to transform your vibration and bring you back to a higher level of consciousness.
There are 3 types of classes, but you can take your favorite one at random.

Eligibility Anyone can take this course.
Course content (common) ・How to channel
・How to connect with the cards
・Practice channeling sessions
 Arcana ed. ・The Laws of the Universe
・Maps of Soul Evolution and Awakening
・Cosmo Egg (Origin of the Universe) exploration work
 The Four Elements ed. ・Learn the origins of earth consciousness and the rules of the earth.
・Contact with the world of the four elements
・Mind, Heart, Life and Spirit work
 Star Card ed. ・Contact with the Galactic Family
・Learn from the wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis
・Receive messages through the world of the stars
・Explore your roots and home planet
・Contact with The Council of Light
Course fee 66,000 yen each (including tax)
Course method ・Video content Viewing period: 3 months
・Face-to-face class, zoom class 3 times x 3 hours
・Retreat classes: 3 days
* Retreat class fees will be announced in the application guidelines. Please refer to the schedule.