Mind 10 Illusion(Neptune)

Seeing truth through illusions

The world is an illusion. Like Alice lost in Wonderland, the world is full of illusions. What we see and believe we see is not always true. See through the illusions. Look not only at the truth as you perceive it, but also at it from multiple angles and under different conditions. This world is made up of someone else’s dream. The rules, the systems, the Internet, the airplanes. The dreams you believe will come true will appear in reality with a time lag. Why don’t you use this law of the universe and dream to the fullest? If it is useful to someone, if it is what your Higher Mind wants, if it is perfectly linked to your subconscious, everyone’s collective consciousness, and the will of the universe, things may become a reality at an astonishing speed. Let’s play in the illusion.