About Light Language Card


The Light Language Cards are for the Starseeds who are creating the present age by channeling the
ancient wisdom of the Tarot and the information of the new age.
The cards have a built-in system that changes your energy just by opening them.
Receive love from the picture and information from the cosmic letters, even if you cannot make
them conscious.
The answers from the cards are a mirror of your inner world.
Face them carefully and practice living consciously.
Every time your consciousness changes, your impression of the cards will change.
Since human beings live in their own vibrational range, the world will appear to change according
to your changes and transformations.
Using this system, you will be able to see where you are stuck now and how you can find a
breakthrough in your life from now on.
Another feature of these cards is that you can easily receive messages by simply drawing them at
Also, if you want to learn more deeply, try meditating deeply with the cards.
The more your consciousness opens up, the more the messages from the cards will begin to
synchronize with your reality.
The world is a projection of your inner world. The time has come for you to look inside yourself
and live your life as you are, rather than chasing after external illusions.
It is an era in which you can seize your freedom by your own choice.
Objectively notice who you are now and find a better way forward.
The cards will navigate your life.
Those who want to connect with the cosmic consciousness
Those who want to know yourself deeply.
Those who want to experience creating reality.
Light Language Cards can help you.
Draw the cards as if you were asking a dear friend or mentor.
They will help you refine your intuition.

The Birth of the Card

The Light Language Card was born on November 11, 2022, after five years of conception.
The card is the result of Rika Amane’s experiences and channeling with the Cosmic Union and the
Council of Light.
Here is a brief description of how it was created.

One day the message came down.

For a long time now, I have been searching for someone I could ask to do the painting myself….
I already had a rough idea in my head, but there was no one who could give it shape.
Then one day, just as I was waking up in the morning, a message came to me saying, “Why don’t
you have Kazufumi Ganaha draw a picture for you?” I woke up in the morning and received a
message like that.
I ignored the message, thinking, “But, it’s too hard to write space letters on a painter’s picture, isn’t
When I boldly put in a message, he said, “Oh, I have received one of those too, right? He sent me a
picture of how the card works.
He sent me a drawing of how the cards work.
It’s a card system that starts with 22 cards, right?”
Yes, 22 Arcana cards, for a total of 78 cards!
That is where the card making process began.
It was September of 2020.
However, he was in Okinawa, I was in Tokyo, and it was very difficult to convey the image of the
So, I decided to draw one card as a trial, and the theme I chose was LOVE.
Love is not only soft and gentle. I sent him a message with many words of that image, and he
painted a picture based on it.
And when I saw the pictures he sent me…. Yes, the card you are holding in your hand, LOVE, is the
picture of that time.
But this is a longer picture.
I thought, “I told you to draw the card….
I won’t go into any more details here, but this is how I decided to go to Okinawa (partly because I
wanted to play and partly because I wanted to have fun).
Anyway, if you don’t meet them and tell them, they won’t get the message.
It is more difficult than you think to convey the image in your mind to others.
If we had not been able to create a relationship where we could truly understand each other, this
process would have surely come to a halt.
The universe seems to have brought us together to meet, including that.

How to make a card

First, I decided on all the titles for the cards. After I had decided on all the titles, I kept revising
them, and the 78 cards continued to move in and out, until the very end.
I experienced many times during the process of making the cards that they were really just like the
universe ordered, or like a necessity, or like they just happened.
Now, back to the card making process.
First, I tell him the meaning of the card.
Then, I channel the card (which is not yet finished).
Then, many meanings, patterns, and nuances of the card come down to me, along with the light
I translate them as I go along, and in some cases I am talking for about 30 minutes.
During that time, sometimes images come down to Mr. Ganaha, and he receives that information,
and then he himself meditates and receives images.
In such a way, this card has been drawn by co-creation between us and the universe.
While receiving messages at Chanling, I often thought, “Wow, that’s what it means! I often thought,
“Wow, that’s what it means!
This card is also for Chanring, but you can also access the universe by yourself.
Although Amane unloads the basic meaning, I hope that the people who use the card will unload
messages that are appropriate for the times in order to always stay new.
Because this is so, I believe that the card is in tune with the current times and will be used for a long
time to come.
In fact, as I was making the card, I gradually came to realize that “this is not a card made solely by
my personal will.
There is a greater will at work on a cosmic level, and he and I are giving form to that will as the
people in charge of the field.
And now, in this time, why this card was brought down…yes, it has finally come.
The time to return to one’s own essence.
An era in which each of us can shine our individuality and live our lives in our own way, accepting
all the good and the bad.
Collaboration with all things in the universe has begun. It is an era in which we awaken to the fact
that to live in cosmic consciousness is to awaken and know that we can live in great harmony with