❶ LLC Course “78 Meanings Edition”

LLC Course “78 Meanings Edition”

Beginners should take this course to understand the card system and the meaning of the 78 cards.
It’s made simple and easy to understand, so you can get the meaning of the card just by listening to it.
You can listen to it as many times as you like during the period, so please try to learn as much as you like when you like.
Also, use the Zoom practice session ticket that comes with the bonus, and practice card reading and lectures by Rika Amane.

Eligibility Anyone can take this course.
Course content ・What is a light language card?
・Description of the card system
・The meaning of 78 cards
・Simple layout <For video content> 2 Zoom free practice sessions (valid for 6 months from purchase)
Course fee 55,000 yen (tax included)
Qualification Eligible
Course method and period ・Video content viewing period: 3 months
・Face-to-face course, Zoom course 2 days (12 hours)