Heart 9 Arigato

Grateful for Everything

In the Japanese language, there is something called “Kotobuki” (the spirit of words). The idea is that words carry vibrations that create reality. Arigato” is a magic mantra. Every time you recite it, you will find yourself happier and more fortunate. Say thank you for even the most mundane things in your daily life. To yourself, your neighbors, plants and animals. You will realize that the whole world around you, the visible and invisible worlds, are all living and guiding you. Gratitude is an eternal cycle. Every time you say “thank you,” the world says “thank you” back to you. Find much to be grateful for. Expand your awareness and feel the earth, the universe, and your star brothers and sisters. Fill your surroundings with gratitude like a ripple and the miracle of Arigato will ripple out.