Mind 6 Paradox

Acceepting Paradoxes

The universe is a paradox. It is a world full of contradictions where there are multiple “right” things at the same time. There are many sides to things, and the “right thing” changes depending on the position and layer from which you, the subjective viewer, look at things. There is a saying, “Hurry up and go around. You know the saying, “Hurry up and go the long way around.” This dilemma is a characteristic of paradoxes, but it is also a truth. You are now required to accept this paradox and cultivate the ability to examine it from all angles. Cultivate the ability to see objectively and practice accepting things as they are, without assuming one is right or the other, and without bringing in judgments as just “differences. By doing so, you will evolve and shift into multidimensional consciousness. A multifaceted viewpoint will enlarge your vessel.