Conquering the Ultimate bipolarity to Light

Orion is a species that unites two polarities that are many times stronger than they are today on Earth. It represents the ultimate opposition symbolized by light and darkness, domination and subjugation. But that era is over. What we need to learn is how they overcame the bipolarity and moved into the world of light. Their learning does not occur from an engagement against a ruler, but from the emergence of a single integrated being of light. This is because conflict will not end as long as they speak of justice from each other’s point of view. When they realized this, they stopped talking about justice by dividing themselves into two polarities, which was the origin of their own conflict, and they entered into an integrated consciousness. This started with one person and spread to the collective consciousness. There are still elements of strife scattered all over the planet. Now is the time to get out of this loop by you.