II Priestess

Medium of the Love of the Universe

The transition from the all-encompassing and stable world of the One to the duality of contrast is a journey of self-discovery. Connecting heaven and earth, she is a channeler of pure consciousness. Through herself, she transmits the love and truth of the universe to the earthly world. She is pure and has no ego, and therefore can see all truths without distortion. The love that comes down to earth through her leads our consciousness to awakening. On the other hand, she, who has become earthly, experiences duality herself. Good and bad coexist in this world. We learn about ourselves from the emotions that well up in this contradiction. Stand on your own feet, without depending on anyone else, and aim to establish your self by observing the inner world objectively. The events of this world are mirrors that reflect you. Refine your intuition and listen to the voice of heaven.